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Holy S#$%^%$$%!!! Adam Silver ISN'T gay?!?

The rumored affair that has been most persistent over the years was a supposed encounter with James Dean. In , during an interview with a French journalist, Brando said: Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed. Katharine Hepburn is perhaps the most renowned actress in the history of Hollywood, with four Academy Award wins over a year career.

They were publicly paired together by the studio. This was complicated not only by the advent of AIDS, but also by an early therapeutic intervention that had supposedly "cured" him of being gay. After three years, the therapist announced to Nicky's parents that his homosexual tendencies had been successfully curbed.

Of course, now we know better. It's not a choice. And about three or fours years ago, Nicky wrote us a letter about it, a beautiful letter, one that made us cry. But they were apparently mistaken about curing it. Where there's a will, there's a way. Silver said that years of therapy following college proved more effective, helping him "to politicize" his bottled-up anger, shifting it into his plays.

His creative development took a giant leap forward in when Robert Coles at New York's Vortex Theater encouraged him to come up with works to fill holes in the group's repertory schedule. He said he would do so if he'd also get the chance to direct. David Richards, then the Sunday critic of the New York Times, raved about the production and, as Silver puts it, with an Ethel Merman flourish, "my career was born! Meanwhile, Silver says he is working on new plays, commissioned by the Manhattan Theatre Club and Playwrights Horizons.

He is also busy resisting the blandishments of Hollywood.

22 Rumors, Orgies, And Relationships From The Golden Age Of Gay Hollywood

Ed,' " he says of an offer to make a screenplay out of the old TV series about a talking horse. That wit, and its undercurrent of harsh reality, remains Silver's calling card. He has no plans to abandon his fascination with outsiders, or with a society that worships inclusion but eventually sends everyone to the glue factory. He's Lilliputian!

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And has bad skin! Even he's got to feel like he's not exactly on the top rung of the food chain.

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And Silver isn't likely to soften his bite for the sake of adding luster to his new wider appeal. When asked what he considers to be the ultimate taboo, he responds without hesitation: It's denying anything about yourself or not doing something because you're afraid of offending people. For a writer, this is where all the treasure is, all the stuff that people repress in an effort to be accepted.

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  7. But that's not uppermost in my mind. To keep amused.

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    That's the most important thing and it's something that very few people are willing to take upon themselves. It was funnier that way.

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    Gay or not, Adam Silver is one incredibly awkward human being. That's my take. Go Mavs. RasheedsBigWhiteSpot Rating: Then again, maybe Adam Silver and James Harden have something more in common than being tall. Dec 9,

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