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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Is it something these guys said in the interview, or is it the writer of this article? Seems like a really dangerous logic. They say they read it on the internet — go figure….

This video was really irresponsible. But neither is Truvada. Until the number of HIV transmissions begin to decline, people should not trust the promises of some drug before it actually has a chance to show proven success.

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Irresponsible for informing people about Truvada as an option in addition to condoms? Maybe that is irresposible to you but I think think is educating people. Knowledge is power. About the only thing you got right about Truvada is the cost, and I might add there are a lot of resources for assistance with that currently. So this guy fucked bareback before meeting his bf, then he meets him and continues barebacking with him too.

He would have fucked bare with him anyways, the other being his boyfriend or not. Everyone is talking the wonders on PreP. Watch- all these Truvada cheerleaders will be barking a different tune when a few years down the road, HIV infection rates skyrocket. Truvada is actually typically tolerated side effect free when used for PrEP. Older HIV medications did indeed have a significant amount of side effects, the newer medications including Truvada are far safer and better tolerated.

Those taking PrEP must be regularly screened to ensure their HIV status remains negative and also have kidney function testing performed to ensure that the medication is not affecting their kidneys. Truvada has been on the market for several years now for HIV treatment, there is not a smoking gun waiting to be discovered, it has been extensively studied over several years.

Yes, from a healthcare affordability stand-point it does tax the system, but the cost is far far far less than paying for HIV treatment over the course of a lifetime. You should do some research before you make baseless claims. Those using Truvada for HIV prevention without using condoms most likely were already not using condoms. People have been screamed at about condom use for 30 years now, I think they are aware that they ideally should be using them.

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Great response Caleb! There are ALWAYS potential side-effects with any medication, from aspirin to antibiotics to Truvada, but in most cases they are extremely rare. Here in Cleveland we have one of our leading medical facilities offering PrEP and doing a lot of evaluation on it, everyone that I know who is currently taking it have had success in being side-effect free and are happy the chose to consider PrEP as part of their overall strategy to prevent HIV infection.

Better to have these choices than to be HIV positive and not have a choice! Obviously we are not speaking specifics here but again the amount of people with severe side-effects is small when compared to the overall amount of people using Truvada, whether as PrEP or for controlling their HIV infection. As many porn performers do Max Cameron also prostitutes himself. Why not just use a condom?

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If only there was a way the porn industry could still film bareback but be safer if only, and maybe models unionize, for emergencies in case someone does get HIV if only. And giant studios inside armories did not have to move outside California and maybe be revolutionary and invest in models health IF ONLY. The thing is that there is a lot of other reason to wear condoms other than for hiv. Anal herpes is a lifetime issue and as you get older your immune system gets weaker. AHF also has helped thousands of people Mr. Many of the porn performers who get zero insurance coverage from the companies they perform for get treatment from AHF-and the treatment is either free or low cost.

Plus, the internet ruined porn. Knowledge is key! The attention. And I love being connected to a company known for real and raunchy sex. How does that feel? It feels great! It really was a total surprise.

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Tickled even. It appeals back to that attention whore in me.

Honestly, I kind of want to get it. I love it. I feel like I hit it at the right time. San Francisco really piques my other interests, especially food. I loved that dangerous feeling.

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We could have been caught at any moment by any passing hiker. It was a really sexually charged scene for me. More than usual.

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I like the nastiness of it, of really feeling the inside of someone. When did barebacking click for you? If I had to put a timeline on it, I would say in the last 5 years. I think it really clicked for me once I left the south. I came out west, and I was suddenly around people who were like me and who let me know that it was okay to bareback.

First, I think it would be a very hard thing for them to try to do. There are more effective ways of minimizing risk and taking care of yourself. I like Scotch whiskey. I have an 18 year old dog. I love cooking. I come from a southern family that was always cooking. My mom and I were cooking for each other a lot growing up.

When I was growing up, my mom developed health problems. She had to change the way she ate, and I was right there with her. I developed a love of healthy food. As I got older, I got into more gourmet cooking. I appreciate when people greet me. I love to travel.


Travelling was really the best education I ever had. Backtracking a little, I would travel a lot as an escort. I owe a debt of gratitude to those guys for giving me that gift. Drew really seems to be what TIM is all about: I watched uber-masculine Drew fisting and was really impressed with the way he connected with his bottom boy. He was kind, considerate, sexy as hell, and……….

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