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I went in to look at them. They were a creamy shade of suntan and felt very soft. I found the shade extremely appealing. The pantyhose felt just like the pair I had worn previously, only the panty was different. I noticed the panty was the same fabric as the legs.

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I was insane with desire to wear the pantyhose. He was 55 big bellly black daddy walking in the park i was out smoking weed hidden from mom and dad, late night smoking in the park near the house I was in my bleue pijama pants and white shirt hidding between bushes in the park smoking before going back watching tv like i do most nights ''there you are'' the chubby black daddy walking towards me ''i followed the smell. I love glory holes. I love sucking anonymous cock and taking a load down my throat.

And as much as I hated moving back to florida, I knew about the crazy gloryhole scene in Tampa and wanted to check it out. First stop was Fantasyland Adult Center, great booths but no action. I'm the only guy there.

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But I do meet a guy in the 'playroom' and he tells me to hit Adultworld up the street. I walk into the back after paying the 5 dollar cover. While my high school girlfriend and her mom were gone on summer vacation, I had ended up being seduced by her dad. My summer job consisted of taking care of their home and pool, so I was not raising any suspicions at home. Everyday I would bicycle off to the Engle's. And every day I would spend my time sucking and fucking with Mr. I had progressed to the point where I couldn't wait to get to his house.

I had come to love sucking his huge cock and having it rammed up my ass. I couldn't get enough. He had even invited over a co-worker of his once and the two of them had used me all day.

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Read more. The following year his family invited me to fly out and spend the entire summer with them. They did this for me the very next year as well. Everything began very slowly although I ought to have known what was happening.

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Late at night our conversations about girls really escalated and very soon progressed to his bringing out his porn stash, which of course back then consisted merely of magazines; Hustler, Penthouse, Gallery and the such. Sissy Danielle is taken to her new master.

OK, everybody put your way back hat's on to remember a simpler time, before cell phones, computers in your home and all that kind of stuff. It was summer, school was out and we were just shy of our teens. We went into a friend's pool to cool off when the idea came to have a sleepout. The friend with the pool had just gotten a new tent so it was decided to be at his place in the back yard we were in a suburban area.

All of us had gone to our homes for dinner and of course got permission for the sleepout. Let me start this off by saying that I am not gay. I have never had a gay experience until, this happened. It will never happen again and I am getting married next weekend. I was in a bar in the big city an hour from where I taught.

One of my favorite eighties bands was playing and although my wife didn't want to come, I wasn't missing it for the world. I wasn't in the bar five minutes when I heard my name being called out, "Mr. James, Mr.

James, what are you doing here? My Day blurred past me as i headed off to the spa Marcus had sent me to. I thought he looked very macho and sexy. He was getting aroused and adjusted his crotch a few times. I knew he was getting hard watching the movie.

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I positioned myself down on the floor in front of him and started to untie his shoe. I felt him suddenly look down at me. He sensed for the first time, I was a cock sucker. I looked up at him as he quickly turned his eyes back to the TV. I continued to untie and unlace his brown work shoes. I pulled one of them off then started on the other one. I would sneak a peak up at his crotch and noticed a nice big bulge forming under his tight faded jeans. I had never been into foot worship or a foot fetish , but this dude had the largest most beautiful feet I had ever seen.

I slowly pulled his socks off one by one and bravely took a whiff of one of his white work socks. It had a pleasant warm smell.

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Then I placed his right foot on the upper part of my leg and placed the other one in my hand to massage it gently. He threw his head back and said. I massage first one foot then the other. I leaned down to moisten the top of his foot, licking my tongue down to his long sensuous toes. My tongue continued to lick his toes then around his long foot to his ankle. I repeated this procedure on the other foot until his feet were nice and clean from my tongue bath. He seemed to be in a relaxed state of ecstasy. I slowly slid my hand up his leg to feel the big solid budge under his pants.

I carefully proceeded to unbuckle his belt, when he suddenly stood to unbutton his jeans letting them drop to the floor. I am getting too hot. He patiently stood as I rubbed and inhaled his musky, sweaty baby blue colored briefs. His long cock was pushing up and over the top of his elastic waistband where his large pink uncircumcised cock head was waiting to be loved. I slowly pulled down the waistband. His white clear pre-cum was oozing from under the foreskin like a sweet offering to me. Zack still focused his eyes on the x-rated move while I focused on his body.

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I have never had a man suck my cock before! Do you take the cum in your mouth? This is sensational.

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Suck me and take my cum. Parental controls: A Gay Sex.

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