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Some asexual people also experience the desire of being affectionate to other people without it being sexual. If you do not experience sexual attraction, you might identify as asexual. The camera zooms in as the pair writhe against each other's naked bodies; eventually, someone gets on top and full-on anal ensues. End scene.

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For male adult performers who go " gay for pay ," a term used to describe gay porn in which two or more otherwise straight dudes have sex on camera, the above scenario is just another day at the office. They're rising stars in the gay porn industry, but will the pressures of every day life force them to reconsider their lucrative careers? Though the cable special is just coming out now, gay-for-pay porn is a fairly well-established phenomenon.

The women get more exposure and respect in the industry, and for gay porn it's the male stars. The remunerative nature of the work notwithstanding, one can't help but wonder: How can a so-called straight dude manage to, y'know, get it up for another dude on camera?

5 Male Ex-Porn Performers Share Their Brutal Experiences Doing Porn

In fact, she believes that popping a boner for another dude isn't at all a signifier that a man who says he's straight isn't, in fact, straight. That said, adult entertainment publicist Mike Stabile told Mic that he believes the sexuality of a gay-for-pay porn star is likely to be a bit more flexible than your average joe.

But even for them, the attention, money and physical pleasure of sex can tip the scales for a guy who is mainly interested in women.

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  • Why the hell are gay guys so drawn to porn featuring straight or " straight " dudes in the first place? That's a little more complicated, as some believe that gay men's tendency to fetishize straight men engaging in gay sex stems from a deep-rooted place of self-loathing or shame. He also argued that the whole "forbidden fruit" aspect of it can make for an appealing fantasy.

    Knowing we cannot have them may enhance our desire for them. It's like straight guys' obsession with girl-on-girl action, but in reverse. Meanwhile, Stabile told Mic that it could just be because of porn's general preoccupation with masculinity when it comes to male actors. Regardless of why it sells, though, participating in gay-for-pay porn isn't always a walk in the park. For instance, when gay-for-pay porn star Chris Tyler was asked by the Village Voice what the hardest part of his job was, he answered:.

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