Gay actors dating 13 reasons why

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, we present to you: Zalex.
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Zach, sweetly but awkwardly, says it's fine and blames it on the physical interaction of the fight. It doesn't stop there.

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Before the ball in the final episode, Zach helps Alex to learn to dance by placing his hands on his hips and swaying round Alex's bedroom. It's incredibly sweet and adorable moment and now people are now shipping Alex and Zach together.

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Zach and Alex are actually boyfriends in 13 reasons why and no one can convince me otherwise pic. Writing zalex fan fiction? Alex motherfucking Standall Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data. View our Privacy Statement for more details.


We also use cookies on the site for personalisation, analytics and ads. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of these cookies. Well, when we first started, I was presented a storyboard for the idea of Tony, and they had a lot of classic actors on there. They had some [Marlon] Brando, some James Dean.

Does justin and alex from 13 reasons why dating in real life

With that comes this teenage angst, specifically with James Dean, that he brought to all of his roles, and the mystery behind a person like James Dean and some of the characters he played. The first season really focused on the mystery around Tony. Will fans learn more about him this year?

We also do a really good job of leaving just as much mystery as we did last year, hopefully generating a lot more interest moving forward. So that we get a third season or a fourth season and we can continue to tell this story. Will we see this guilt continue? One of the greatest pleasures [from my] time on Season 2 was getting to work with Kate Walsh, who plays Olivia Baker.

So we really get to explore the aftermath of the Bakers having heard these tapes, what it means for Olivia, what it means for Mr.

'13 Reasons Why' Star Christian Navarro Talks Tony's New Relationship & More Season 2 Details

Baker, and how having confided this to Olivia deepens our relationship. She and I, we love to work together. Do they fall apart, do they grow apart, and then is it more difficult to come back together? Tony starts off at a place of fear and feeling alone, so hopefully what you see during this season is him coming to terms with that and seeking help for someone who is generally helping others always.

It definitely has special meaning because I think — particularly as a Latino — I think that this is one of the few roles on TV at the moment that is as complex and as vulnerable as it is. Is it personal?

13 Reasons Why stars share a gay kiss in new short film Home Movies

I think the relatability of the show is really the main factor of its success. Should fans be worried about him?

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  • The star was in a romance with the Netflix star since last year..
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  • I think Season 2 is really about everyone individually on this journey trying to find meaning and trying to find justice. So people should be worried about everyone.

    Were you nervous returning to the show after its overnight success, or was it business as usual?

    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why
    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why
    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why
    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why
    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why
    gay actors dating 13 reasons why Gay actors dating 13 reasons why

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